Fights that’ll cut your breath (vol 3)

Muay Thai exists since more than 400 years.

After having created this sport, Thai people followed to dominate outrageously this discipline?

So as to prove their values, they don’t hesitate to challenge the best frenchs on their own soil.

What would it be nowadays?

Karim SAADA, French N°1, six times France Champion, World and Europe Amateur Champion.

YOK KHIO Vichaï, N°9 in Thailand, Samir GHARBI the man with a devastating, Brou, Couderc, and Elkariki (Vice Europe Amateur Champion).

And SITTICHOK, the Bangkok climbing star, Thai N°5, more than 90 fights for 38 KO, and no defeat.

Farid VILLAUME, french N°1, World Amateur Champion and N°8 in Thailand.

Co-produced by Indépendance Prod, and Muaythaitv.

The fights:

  • YOK KHIO Vichaï vs Karim SAADA
  • Samir GHARBI vs Xavier BROU
  • Djamel ELKARIKI vs Mathieu COUDERC
  • Sidy KONE vs Joseph SAID
  • Selim MADI vs Olivier PASTOR

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