Age 37 years old (04/18/1984)
Weight 154 lb (70 kg)
Height 5 feet 11 inch (180 cm)
Styles K-1, Kick boxing, Muay thai
Level Professional
Club/Gym Siam Gym
Manager Mekki Benazzouz
Nationality Netherlands


  • It's Showtime World Title -154 lb (-70 kg) K-1
  • WKA World Title -154 lb (-70 kg) Muay thai
  • WKA Intercontinental Title -154 lb (-70 kg) Muay thai


Result Style Video Opponent Event
LossTKO 1R MT BUAKAW Banchamek MAS Fight10/27/2019
WinDecision KB Armen PETROSYAN One Championship07/27/2018
LossDecision KB YODSANKLAI Fairtex One Championship05/18/2018
LossDecision KB Giorgio PETROSYAN Petrosyan Mania10/14/2017
ISKA World Title -154 lb (-70 kg)
LossDecision KB Amansio PARASCHIV Superkombat11/12/2016
WinDecision KB Amansio PARASCHIV SuperKombat10/01/2016
LossDecision KB Lee SUNG-HYUN Kunlun Fight 4003/25/2016
WinKO 3R KB Sergei KULIABA Kunlun Fight 4003/25/2016
LossDecision KB Artem PASHPORIN W5 Grand Prix12/05/2015
WinDecision KB Evgeniy KUROVSKOY W5 Grand Prix12/05/2015
WinKO 2R KB Ilia USACHEV W5 Grand Prix Moscow08/30/2015
WinTKO 1R KB Valentin RIBALKO W5 Grand Prix Moscow08/30/2015
LossDecision KB Enriko GOGOKHIA W5 Grand Prix04/24/2015
LossDecision KB Adem BOZKURT Akin Dovus Arenasi02/28/2015
WinDecision KB Murat OUCHEN Mix Fight Gala XVI10/04/2014
LossDecision KB Jiao FUKAI Kunlun Fight 707/27/2014
LossDecision KB Mirko VORKAPIC FFC 911/15/2013
LossTKO 2R KB Artur KYSHENKO K-1 World Max 2012 - Final 812/15/2012
LossDecision KB Andy SOUWER It's Showtime: Aerts vs Spong06/30/2012
It's Showtime World Title -154 lb (-70 kg)
WinDecision KB CHAIN Superprosamui K1 Rising 201205/27/2012
LossDecision KB Grégory CHOPLIN Thai Boxing Showtime 303/24/2012
LossTKO 2R KB Harut GRIGORIAN It's Showtime: The Farewell…01/28/2012
LossDecision KB Robin VAN ROOSMALEN It's Showtime Brussels: Fas…09/24/2011
WinDecision KB Murat DIREKCI It's Showtime Brussels: Fas…09/24/2011
WinKO 2R KB Willy BORREL It's Showtime05/14/2011
WinDecision KB Murat DIREKCI It's Showtime in Athens12/11/2010
It's Showtime World Title -154 lb (-70 kg)
WinTKO 3R KB Anthony NEKRUI It's Showtime05/29/2010
WinDecision KB Hafid EL BOUSTATI Amsterdam Fight Club 302/27/2010
WinDecision KB Chahid OULAD EL HADJ IT'S SHOWTIME in Barneveld11/21/2009
LossDecision 4R KB Harut GRIGORIAN IT'S SHOWTIME in Lommel10/24/2009
WinDecision KB Denis SCHNEIDMILLER It's Showtime05/16/2009
LossDecision 4R KB Marco PIQUE K-1 Max Nederland 200903/01/2009
LossKO 2R KB Joerie MES It's Showtime Eindhoven11/29/2008
WinDecision KB Chad BISCHOP Tough is Not Enough10/05/2008
(doctor stoppage)
KB Rick BARNHILL It's Showtime - Alkmaar09/06/2008
LossDecision KB Giorgio PETROSYAN K-1 World GP 200804/26/2008
LossTKO 2R KB Warren STEVELMANS K-1 Max Nederland: The Fina…02/17/2008
WinDecision KB William DIENDER K-1 Max Nederland: The Fina…02/17/2008
WinKO 1R KB Kamal CHABRANI Rings "Prepare For Glory"11/24/2007
WinDecision MT Shane CAMPBELL Combat Sports Challenge 22,…09/29/2007
WKA World Title -154 lb (-70 kg)
WinDecision Ray STARING Gentleman Fight Night part 406/02/2007
WinDecision KB KIT Stipholek Fight Night Veghel05/13/2007
MT Shane CAMPBELL Combat Sports Challenge 1903/24/2007
WKA World Title -154 lb (-70 kg)
WinDecision Otmar DIAGNE 2H2H - Maastricht12/03/2006
LossDecision James FRANCE Super Fight Tournament09/24/2006
WinDecision Winston MARTENS 8 men Tournament06/04/2006
WinDecision MT Warren STEVELMANS Pro Kickboxing Europe04/15/2006
Win Jimmy EIMERS Face To Face 3rd Edition01/28/2006
LossDecision MT Mohamed RAHHAOUI Thai Boxing in Brussels12/03/2005
WinTKO 3R MT KHUNPON Dechkampu Pride And Glory09/16/2005
WKA Intercontinental Title -154 lb (-70 kg)

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