How to stream Muay Thai from Thai TV channels?

In this article we will explain you how you can watch Muay Thai events by streaming live Thai TV.

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Which Thai TV channels show Muay Thai?

Thai TV channels (Channel 3, TV5, TV7, etc.) broadcast Muay Thai events on Thai TV almost every day. Then almost all these channels have their own dedicated website where they broadcast live streaming of Muay Thai events.

Where does the problem currently lie for watching live Muay Thai?

Currently if you try to access these Thai TV websites from outside Thailand your will experience very slow internet connections and for some Thai TV channels the streaming will be reserved for connections within Thailand only.

Yes it is possible to find unofficial websites broadcasting Thai TV streaming but too often these video streams are poor in visual quality, then stopping every 30 seconds for buffering ruining any viewing experience. Most of the time they completely freeze with no viewing capability at all.

What is the best solution to watch live Muay Thai?

The solution lies with a Virtual Private Network or VPN. This is simply software that will virtually transport your web browser to Thailand and at the same time increase your internet speed connection to the Thai TV Channel websites. The result is smooth uninterrupted viewing of Thai TV Channel Websites.

A VPN can be compared to a motorway toll between you in your country and Thailand. A motorway whereby information can move faster than using normal roads provided by your ISP. A motorway which ends in Thailand meaning there is no possibility for the Thai websites to know where you came from; Thai websites know that you are simply now in Thailand.

For those wondering if this is legal, yes it is legal!

You should also note that VPN software is not limited to accessing websites in Thailand. VPN software will allow you to connect to any live or replay video websites all over the world. For example if you were travelling outside your home country of the UK or US and wanted to watch some movies from your Netflix account, through VPN software you could easily access the Netflix sites which would usually be blocked on the basis of your current geographical location.

Another added bonus provided by VPN software providers is that you can share your VPN subscription with your friends and family therefore reducing any costs on an already cheap cost effective solution! All the VPN software companies allow for minimum 2 simultaneous connections, PureVPN even allows for 5!

At MuayThaiTV we have tried and tested all the VPN services and listed below our top 5 favourite VPN services. These 5 all have physical servers in Thailand and allow for the best streaming of Muay Thai around the world. Simply click on the links below for more information on each VPN provider.



Visit the website Visit the website Visit the website
Multi Login 3 devices 7 devices 6 devices
Countries Available 94+ 44+ 59+
Thai TV
Netflix US
Torrents, P2P
1 Month Plan $12,95 $10.99
1 Year Plan (cost per month) $6.67 $5.99 $6.99
3 Years Plan (cost per month) $2.75 $2.99
Visit the website Visit the website Visit the website

You now have all the informations in hand to watch Muay Thai on Thai Channels streams, so good fights!